Looking for Night Jobs? Here Are Some of the Best Industries You Can Enter

by Emma Rowlands

Night Jobs

Almost 15 million Americans work a schedule other than the normal 9-5. Often this can be incredibly convenient, with the opportunity to work evenings and nights allowing for flexibility around family or other commitments. If you're thinking about taking up night jobs, there are numerous industries you can enter, giving you an abundance of choice.

Which Industries Offer Night Jobs?

There is a huge range of companies across America that require night workers. Here are some of the most popular:

Leisure and Tourism

Leisure and Tourism can be an exciting, stimulating and diverse industry to get into. If you're a sociable person with great communication and interpersonal skills then leisure and tourism could be for you. Jobs offering night shifts can include flight cabin crew, hotel management, bartending, resort representatives or even cruise ship staff. It is often desirable that you have some sort of customer service or hospitality qualification, or experience in jobs that deal directly with the general public.

To find the ideal position within leisure and tourism, you can use the following job search methods:

  • Search through a large job board to specifically find night jobs within the sector of your choice.
  • Visit a company website such as Virgin Atlantic or Four Seasons Hotels to ascertain which position you'd enjoy and discover if there are any current vacancies.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial properties such as banks, offices and supermarkets need to be cleaned during the night to ensure they're sparkling by the time the first customer walks through the door the next morning. Commercial cleaners are paid in the range of $8.94 to $11 per hour, and may find there's weighting for night shifts depending on the hiring company and location.

There are usually no formal qualifications required, and a job like this can be convenient for someone who wants to work around pre-existing commitments such as family or study.

To find the right commercial cleaning job for you, there are a number of job search methods you can try:

  • Specifically search for night time cleaning positions on a large job board.
  • Consider starting your own cleaning business or working for yourself as an independent contractor.


Security staff are required across a range of settings at night, from standing at the door of a nightclub or casino, to ensuring the smooth running of a public event or festival. The role requires a great deal of patience, good communication and conflict resolution skills.

In order to search for a night job in security, there are a number of avenues you can explore:

  • You can search for night shift security work in your chosen location on a large job board.
  • Become familiar with the many different types of security work on offer.
  • Sign up to a large national security agency that serves a wide range of industries 24 hours a day.

Public Service

Jobs in public service are highly rewarding. Public service positions include police, fire-fighting and healthcare work, all of which provide 24 hour care to the local community. Jobs within this sector require training, and you may need to hold a formal qualification depending on the role. Night shifts will never be dull, and will give you a unique insight into the way these positions serve the community, no matter what time it is.

To find a job in public service, you could do the following:

  • Get in touch with your local public service department and ask about any training programs they have on offer.
  • Search online for the many different national programs and entry opportunities via a government website.
  • Explore the option of gaining a formal qualification in a public service via distance learning or at your local college.


During the night, thousands of American drivers are in charge of transporting goods, delivering food and taking passengers to and from destinations such as the airport. Bus, train and taxi services all require people with great customer service skills and good focus.

If you're interested in finding night jobs within a transportation role, you can do so via the following methods:

  • Keep an eye on large transportation companies for new recruitment opportunities.
  • Use a large recruitment database to filter night shift transportation jobs.
  • Explore specific driving qualifications, such as driving train licenses, and the procedures you'll need to undertake to achieve the position.

Customer Service

There are certain occasions when customers need a point of contact during the night. It could be that they need an emergency plumber, require assistance with a breakdown or have lost their front door key. Whatever it is, it's your responsibility as a customer service representative to take those all important midnight calls and deliver impeccable service.

To find out more about current night shifts available in customer service centers, there are a number of places you can look:

  • Search a general job site for night shifts in customer service.
  • Use Yelp to find out which companies may require night time customer service assistance, such as locksmiths, breakdown services, health centers and media services.
  • Explore some of the largest companies to see if they have a career path you can follow involving night work.

Whatever your skill set is, or however many qualifications you have or have not acquired in your lifetime, you're bound to find a night shift position that suits your preferences. It's always important to find out if any training is needed and consider the work hours before applying.

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