Receptionist Jobs: Career Choices and Where to Look

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Receptionists are the front-line workers of business. They are the first voice customers hear and the first face they see when they come through the door. They are adept multi-taskers, being able to switch at a moment’s notice from answering a phone call to helping a customer, while paging personnel to the front desk.

Although receptionists are hired in virtually every industry, many work in health care, veterinary and personal care services. Approximately three in 10 receptionists worked in part-time roles in 2014.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for receptionists is quite strong, with an expected increase of 10% through to 2024. This is a faster-than-average increase, a strong indicator of the importance of this role in the overall economy.

Most receptionist positions only require a high-school education, with on-the-job training to help prepare new employees for the role. The median hourly pay for receptionists in 2015 was $13.12.

Where to Look for Jobs as a Receptionist

There are few associations that are specifically dedicated to receptionists. Receptionists tend to be viewed as part of office support or customer service. Following are some relevant sites:

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