RIASEC Personality Type: Conventional (Organizers)

by Marquis Matson

Conventional Personality Type

John Holland formulated an assessment tool to help determine dominating personality traits in a person in order to help make job searches more meaningful. With his assessment tool he came up with the Holland Codes, a set of six main personality types, based on the patterns he found in the general population at the time that he created the assessment. The codes are often quickly identified by the acronym RIASEC, with each letter representing a different personality type.

The last of the Holland Personality Types is the Conventional type. People with these personality traits are known as the “organizers” of the group for their organizational skills and orderly work. They are detail-oriented and make excellent workers as they steadfastly finish any task before them. Traditionally, these Conventional types have found satisfaction in secretarial work but the skill sets in this particular personality type can actually be useful in many occupations beyond that of a secretary.

Characteristics of the Conventional Types

The Conventional types will likely describe themselves as very organized and orderly. These types are commonly also very diligent in their work and known for their general perseverance in menial tasks that others might shy away from. Their efficiency and practical thinking, usually earns them a lot of trust from others to handle the complicated tasks, as well. The great thing about these personality types is that because they enjoy doing these tasks, anyway, they are also often very much appreciated and respected by others.

In fact, they most closely identify themselves as “Type A” personalities as many of the characteristics in the Conventional personality type align with the Type A. These overlapping qualities—that of precision, accuracy and diligence—make them very reliable friends and even better employees. If you are not sure whether or not you are a Conventional type then look for a to-do list: if you have a to-do list then you likely have a bit of this personality type, as well.

Preferred Work Environments for Conventional Types

Understandably, very organized work environments fit best for the organizers. An organization or program that has clear structure, clear lines of communication and clear demand for precision is ideal because it allows the Conventional types to utilize their skill sets on a daily basis. Rules and order are imperative in a work environment and can be very attractive for organized types as it eliminates a lot of potential headache surrounding organization.

In the workplace these organizers will usually be very professional at all times. It is another common trait for this personality to be very respectful at all times and to always be aware of positions of power. Predictability and security are very important qualities to have in a work environment if the Conventional type is to fit in nicely.

Typical Occupations for Conventional Types

As you can imagine this personality type fits in very well with banks and accounting firms. It is imperative that bankers and accountants alike rely on their organizational abilities in order to complete daily tasks well—and legally. This makes the banking profession, in general, a snug fit for the Conventional types. Likewise, the role as Accountant is often a good one, as well. Dealing with supreme organization lends well to working with numbers and so often times you will find that Accountants have predominately Conventional traits.

Another great fit for this personality type is the legal system. While many people aspire to be lawyers it is also true that paralegals allow the same benefits. In fact, the Conventional personality type provides all the necessary traits and characteristics to be a successful paralegal. As mentioned in the beginning, the role of secretary is also a great and reliable fit for this personality type.

No matter the profession the skills held by Conventional types can be found all over the professional world. Perhaps you identify greatly with the traits described above, in which case you will have a clear idea of what your most valuable skills are in the workplace. If you do not identify completely with this personality type then it is possible that you possess a lot of the same qualities, anyway. Either way, it is a great set of traits to be aware of and use during your job search in order to find the most fitting profession for you!

The Holland Codes / RIASEC Series

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