RIASEC Personality Type: Enterprising (Persuaders)

by Marquis Matson

Enterprising Personality Type

John Holland formulated an assessment tool to help determine dominating personality traits in a person in order to help make job searches more meaningful. With his assessment tool he came up with the Holland Codes, a set of six main personality types, based on the patterns he found in the general population at the time that he created the assessment. The codes are often quickly identified by the acronym RIASEC, with each letter representing a different personality type.

The movers and shakers of the world are likely the Enterprising types according to the Holland Codes. They are better known as persuaders because of their ability to convince others of their ideas. This personality type also tends to demonstrate a witty and outgoing personality, adding to the gravitational pull the person has on people. These valuable characteristics help Enterprisers build and coordinate teams of people both in the workplace and in personal circles.

Characteristics of Enterprising Types

This personality type is very ambitious and persuasive. This energy and drive makes them unafraid of risks and fills them with an optimistic confidence in their work and projects. They are usually described as adventurous in their work ethics as well as their personal hobbies. In fact, they tend to be popular among groups because they are interesting and super sociable.

The persuaders can also be described as materialistic with a keen eye for the-next-best-thing. This materialism perhaps fuels their ambition in most of their endeavors. As a result it is common to learn that this personality type is always looking to make a profit and/or lead others. While other personality types might try to avoid conflict the Enterprisers enjoy debate and political maneuvering. It is likely that their charming personalities make debate a bit more fun than usual!

Preferred Work Environments for Enterprising Types

The hungry ambition of a person with this personality type will often take the person into a business-oriented career. What they thrive on the most is creatively thinking of ways to expand current ideas, provide services and increase profit. Fast-paced environments are most comfortable to the persuaders as it gives them constant stimulation. Because they are especially sociable compared to the other personality types as outlined by the Holland Personality Types these people work well in groups. The teamwork mentality is especially valuable as an employee and so the Enterprising types tend to thrive in workplaces that provide lots of group and team coordination.

In the same fashion they also thrive in sales positions. Their likability and enthusiasm easily convinces customers and investors to trust what they have to offer. From car dealership sales to pharmaceutical sales, any capacity would prove to be a good fit for the persuaders.

Typical Occupations for Enterprising Types

Sales representatives are the most common occupation for the Enterprising type, as mentioned above. This is because this kind of position utilizes the exact characteristics that Enterprising types generally have. That’s not the only type of work that is a good fit, though. Management positions in any field usually have an Enterprising personality type in the position as they can organize and rally troops easily.

No single field is best for this type of personality because the characteristics of the Enterprising type can help them succeed in many different fields. Instead, you can be sure to find them in a management or sales position in whatever field of work.

The Holland Codes / RIASEC Series

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