RIASEC Personality Type: Realistic (Doers)

by Marquis Matson

Realistic Personality Type

John Holland formulated an assessment tool to help determine dominating personality traits in a person in order to help make job searches more meaningful. With his assessment tool he came up with the Holland Codes, a set of six main personality types, based on the patterns he found in the general population at the time that he created the assessment. The codes are often quickly identified by the acronym RIASEC, with each letter representing a different personality type.

The first of the RIASEC Holland Codes is the Realistic type. People that are identified as “realistic” are generally more independent and stable than their peers. Just like the name suggests, those with this personality type think in very straightforward and logistical terms. In fact, because these personality types prefer to work and live in very technical and realistic terms they generally avoid social situations where logic and reality tend to be more fluid.

Characteristics of the Realistic Personality Type

The Realistic types of people have earned the nickname as the “doers” because they are frequently drawn to problem-solving tasks. They tend to value very practical things that are based in reality such as things that you can see and touch right in front of you. Plants, animals, tools and mechanics are very comfortable subjects of study for the doers as they are clearly defined objects that are easily observable. As such, they tend to prefer working with things rather than people and value the outdoors and nature in their work.

As a friend you might describe the Realistic type as reliable, down to earth, sensible and practical. These doers also tend to be more adventurous and physically strong than others because they feel very comfortable using their bodies to explore the world. While they are very cautious and reserved, typically, you won’t find them missing out on activities because of these things. Instead, they use their cautious nature in order to better explore the world.

As a Realistic type, yourself, you might describe yourself as persistent, self-reliant, handy and practical. Things tend to appear very simple, as well, to you as most things have a clear solution or explanation. If something does not have a clear solution or explanation then you might find yourself avoiding it altogether as a Realistic person.

This type of person seeks out friends that also have these qualities, as they don’t have the patience or understanding for nonsensical behavior. They gravitate toward people that demonstrate common sense, dependability and practicality. Because of their typically quiet nature, however, you may not hear them complain too loudly in the face of disorder. You might, however, sense some discomfort!

Preferred Work Environments for Realistic Personality Types

Most people thrive in an environment that supports their personality types. For Realistic employees it is usually a very organized environment that highlights their best personality traits. Organization and clear lines of authority make working a simple and straightforward endeavor for these doers. Outdoor positions with routine and a clear purpose are very attractive work environments, as well, for this type.

Typical Occupations for Realistic Personality Types

A person that most identifies with the Realistic personality type would thrive most in jobs related to engineering and manufacturing where there are clear guidelines as well as measurable goals. Order and logic are paramount in these positions and are also valued in Realistic people. For an outdoor position they match well with forestry and wildlife related positions. Our national parks in the United States offer the perfect working environment for someone that craves order as well as physical activity.

If a doer finds himself or herself in a job unlike any of these then it may be an aggravating situation, to be sure. For this reason we can usually find them in the work environments described above where structure, order and purpose are the key characteristics. Similarly, employers in these particular fields are searching specifically for these personality types to fill their positions, as they are known to provide reliable quality work.

The Holland Codes / RIASEC Series

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