Rules of the Game

by James Aure


So you want to be a success?

If you thought working at a job was demanding, the alternative can be even more so - you can expend twice as much energy looking for a job!

Searching for a rewarding job can be stressful, frustrating and more demanding than running a multi-million dollar corporation. It is our hope that by using this guide, you will be able to realize your dreams and secure the job and career you desire.

The Basics

These rules should be followed ALL the time - no exceptions.

Know your strengths and accept your weaknesses
Not everyone can run a global empire, just as not everyone has the talent to build a house. Recognize your skills and talents and build upon them. Will you truly be happy managing a lumber mill when you would rather be in the woods cutting the trees?

For the love of money?
Set your priorities BEFORE you apply for the position that will double your salary, but will leave you no time for your family or outside interests. Do not let a large increase in salary cloud your perception of what will be expected of you. Know what you are willing to sacrifice for what amount of money.

Be honest
Don't oversell yourself. During interviews it is important to highlight your talents, but skilled interviewers can tell when you are lying.

Be realistic
Will two years of experience be enough to get you the position of CEO at IBM?

Be committed
Any journey, whether it's a stroll to the park or a quest to become the next regional manager, begins with one step...then another... Look at any successful person and you will see in them the drive and determination to succeed. The most successful people have had failures, but they have learned from them and continued on their journey...they took another step...

Never stop growing
Be open to new ideas and realize that every day is a learning experience.

Work hard, but play hard too
If you're married, don't overlook the most important people in your life - your spouse and children. If you're single, be active socially and help improve your community by volunteering your talents and time.

Keep yourself healthy in body and spirit
Eat right. Get enough rest. Don't worry about tomorrow what you can't change today. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

Job Search Tip

Presently employed and looking to advance your career? Do not use your work email address when soliciting job offers on the Internet because your present employer may have access to your email files. Establish a new email account at one of the many free email services such as yahoo or gmail.

Remember that prospective employers will see that email address, so do not create a user name of "hot_for_you" or "studmuffin". Be as professional as possible when choosing your username.

Job Resources

Following are some of the resources that you should utilize when looking for a job.

  • Business Directories
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • College Placement Offices
  • Company Personnel Offices
  • Federal Government Offices
  • Industry Trade Publications
  • Internet Job Posting Sites
  • Local Government Offices
  • Newspaper Classifieds
  • Private Employment Agencies
  • Public Library Resource Center
  • State Job Service Agencies
  • Trade Journals

With the millions of job openings around the world, it is our sincere hope that you find the ONE job that is your dream job!

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