Working from Home: How to Make it Happen

Working from Home

Working from home is an enticing option for many people, and it’s not just for freelancers anymore. Many companies now offer the option of telecommuting, whether on a full- or part-time basis, and if you do happen to be a freelancer, there’s never been an easier time to find clients and opportunities thanks to the internet.

Why You Should Consider Working from Home

If you’re in between jobs, or just looking for a career change, it can be a good idea to work from home and establish an income stream while you conduct your job search.  You can do so part-time or full-time, and with an internet connection can work from nearly anywhere in the world. After you’ve found a few clients, you might even decide freelancing from home full-time is the right path for you.  Writing, data entry, graphic design, general clerical assistance, and web design are only some of the ways to earn money from home. Many people also hold down a traditional full-time job and work from home online a few hours a week to pick up some extra spending money.

Are you a parent who’d prefer to stay at home, but can’t afford the luxury of going without a paycheck? Then trying out working from home might be for you. It can be difficult to work at home with a young child, but if you are able to work during nap time, at night, or when an older child is at school, the flexible schedules and option to work from anywhere can be a huge benefit for parents.

Have you recently retired, but still want something to fill your time or have an income stream? Working from home part-time could be the option for you. You can look into companies similar to what you’ve retired from that may have part-time telecommuting options, or start from scratch entirely with a new venture. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at freelance writing - now’s your chance!

If you work for an established company, but are tired of living in a city or have a spouse who’s been offered a job in a different area of the country, you don’t have to pick up and leave your current job. If your company has telecommuting options, check into those. If they don’t, see what other companies in your field do - you might be able to stay in the same field, but work from home and have your home anywhere.

Is Working from Home the Right Fit for You?

While working from home is certainly an attractive option, it can have its pitfalls. To be successful while you work from home you have to be able to stay motivated, have access to the right equipment, and, if you’re a freelancer, know how to build a client base.

If you can keep your own calendar, know the basics of budgeting, and enjoy checking items off of your to-do lists, then you’ll probably excel at working from home.

Be honest with yourself - not everyone can pry themselves away from Facebook to do another hour of data entry or to write up a blog post. Think carefully before you take a leap into working from home, especially if you are leaving a secure, full-time job, to do so.

If you’re jumping into freelancing, you also need to be comfortable with selling yourself. People who have trouble speaking well of themselves in a cover letter aren’t going to thrive at finding clients online.

How Can You Get Started?

Unless you’re moving into a telecommuting position for an already established position, you’re probably going to have to start slow, and work part-time. For some people, a small part-time income is the goal, but for others it’s to build a full-time business.

For either option, you’re going to have to find clients. There are plenty of online websites that can link you up with a worldwide network of people looking to hire freelancers.

Of course, you can’t find clients unless you have the equipment to do the work they hire you for. Make sure you have a separate space in your home to work from that is set up with a computer, a printer, and other basic office supplies. You’ll also need to make sure your internet is up to par.

If you’re ready to get started, let WorkBloom guide the way. We’re here to help you increase your productivity and earnings as you work from home with tips, tricks, links, and insights. Working from home isn’t only for the lucky few anymore, so if you’ve taken the leap or are thinking about doing so, we’re here to help.

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