Telework Jobs: Explore Some of the Companies That Let You Telecommute

by Jamie Carter

Working from Home

With the technology available in today’s world, companies are no longer limited to the workforce that lives within commuting distance. Many are taking full advantage of the internet’s ability to connect people from all corners of the world in order to access talented workers, and give those workers the flexibility of working from home, wherever their home may be. If you have a computer and a reliable, high-speed internet connection, you can now live in rural Maine and earn a full-time salary working for a major California or New York-based company.

Companies That Offer Telework Jobs

Some companies use freelance websites such as and to hire workers on a temporary or project basis, but others hire people full-time with the option to work from home. Among the companies that provide such opportunities are some of the most well-known companies in the world -, for example. has telecommuting positions for sales representatives, customer service representatives, engineers, data analysts, and even human resources professionals. As the world’s largest online retailer, they regularly have open positions, both for full-time/part-time telecommuting and freelance.

Kaplan, a Florida-based education company, also offers working from home opportunities. Kaplan not only hires for online instructor positions, but also for tutoring positions for the SAT and similar tests, as well as student advisors and other staff positions.

Walden University hires many workers who do their jobs from home. Founded with a mission to cater to adults who are juggling earning a degree with a full-time job, Walden University is a company perfectly suited to take advantage of new technologies to offer flexibility to its employees. Faculty, advisor, and even librarian positions are all jobs for which Walden University seeks out telecommuters. 

Xerox offers telecommuting opportunities for all levels of employment. They recently even advertised for a Vice President of Client Services and Associate Corporate Counsel on But you can also find a lower-level job to undertake at home with Xerox, such as call center representative.

General Electric hires telecommuters for such varied jobs as cyber intelligence analyst, program director, customer service representative, IT consultant, and strategic development director.

Apple, perhaps one of the hippest technology companies, has also taken advantage of the boom in telecommuting. One can only imagine how many telecommuters use Apple products in order to complete their work, whether they are working for Apple or another company. Recent telecommuting opportunities from Apple include customer service representatives and account executives.

IBM and Dell both also offer telecommuting jobs, including software designers, any number of consultant positions, and technical support positions.

Aetna, a Fortune 100 healthcare benefits business, has also seen the value in allowing employees to telecommute. Most aspects of the company have telecommuting opportunities. Information security engineer, case manager, clinical consultant, informatics consultant, and customer service representative are among some of the positions in which Aetna seeks out telecommuters.

Perhaps not surprisingly, websites themselves offer many telecommuting opportunities., the information and advice website, is one of these. They hire ‘guides’ to write and maintain the site’s pages on topics ranging from hiking to global terrorism. While mostly part-time, these are reliable positions for writers to prove their mettle.

Even the United States government has recognized that telecommuters can add value to their workforce. The Department of Interior, for example, offers telecommuting positions to everyone from attorneys to biologists to training specialists. Other federal government jobs, throughout a number of agencies, include loan specialists, nutritionists, statisticians, accountants, program analysts, and even background investigators.

Telecommuting Is Going Mainstream

With the federal government and private companies alike now taking advantage of new technologies to give their workers flexibility, there is no shortage of opportunities for people to work from home.

From parents who want to enjoy time at home with their children, to the disabled for whom it may be easier to work at home, to those who simply enjoy the option to live wherever they want and still have access to a big city job, technology has made the choice to telecommute a realistic one. Companies have realized the value in accessing worldwide talent, and employees who can live their preferred lifestyle while working in a job they want are happy, productive employees. As reports, 2015 saw a 26% increase in telecommuting opportunities, and as telecommunication technologies continue to advance, that trend is only going to grow.

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