LinkedIn is a social networking website oriented towards professionals and business people. It is a fantastic tool to make connections with other like-minded individuals around the world.

In essence, LinkedIn is a platform that allows users to present themselves and engage others to expand their network.

What you do with the functionalities is up to you. You can adopt a passive approach to LinkedIn or you can actively leverage its powerful features to achieve your objectives, whether they are to gain insights into the working conditions at a specific company or to promote your skills set.

In this section, you will find tips on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage. Do not stop at the surface however; spend a few hours playing around in LinkedIn to see what features appeal to you most. Your career is in your hands. LinkedIn and the other tools that are available on the Web are only that, tools, waiting for you to use them as you see fit. Be creative, think outside the box and beat your own path to the career that you deserve.

Spend as much time working on your LinkedIn profile as you would spend working on your resume. Once your profile goes live, it can be seen by anybody. You never know who is going to view it, so make sure that your profile is top-notch.

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