Yes You Need a LinkedIn Profile

by Bethany Williams


People should be able to find you. They should be able to ‘Google’ you and find you without having to go through pages and pages of other people. Your goal should be to begin enhancing your online presence. This economy is no time to fly under the radar.

If you are invisible, you’re not as marketable.

Ever read an ad in a Sunday newspaper that made you want to run to the store and make a purchase? You want to create an online billboard for yourself that builds your brand and markets you to the world. You should build a profile that appeals to the reader. Work to create an appealing representation of the work you have done, your interests and passions, and the reason that someone may want to seek you out and offer you a better position.

You may not even be looking for a better position. It doesn’t matter. You should begin to build an awareness and brand so that when you do want to look for work, or have to look for work, it will be easy to find.

Step Away from the Title

Within corporations, we have become addicted to titles. Oftentimes the titles within our companies mean little to nothing to people outside of our company. Try explaining what you do in an industry standard way that appeals to people at any company, not just your company.

Recognize the Internal Benefits

If you are working in a big company, there are internal benefits to beefing up your LinkedIn profile. There are important leaders within your company that may not know you and may not know what you do. This is not a favorable position to be in. If a position comes open that you would be great for, they won’t be likely to think of you if they do not know you or know of your capabilities.

Write a Fantastic Advertisement

Your LinkedIn profile is really much more than an online resume. It is an advertisement for you. It should show Return on Investments that companies have benefited from having you on their staff. It should be a results oriented view of you. The reader should be excited about what YOU could do for THEIR COMPANY.

Surf Around LinkedIn Profiles

Surf around LinkedIn. Look at other profiles. Look at profiles of people in the positions that you aspire to be in. What JUMPS out at you? What amazes you? Your profile should AMAZE others. It is a competitive landscape. Don’t be afraid to spend some time on it. Refine it until it jumps off the page. Find profiles that you like. Keep enhancing your profile. It will pay off.

I know people that redid their profile and received 3 interviews the following week. Recruiters are watching. They are looking for candidates. They may be looking for you, but you may have done such a poor job of selling yourself that they can’t find you. Make it easier for them to find you. Stop inhibiting your future opportunities. Accept the online branding capabilities and excel at creating an exciting and off the charts profile. We can’t wait to see it.

Bethany Williams is an expert in business development, personal branding, and healthcare operations. She has held high level positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Perot Systems Corporation, GE Healthcare, and IDX Systems Corporation. Williams shares her stories and helpful tips on career success in her book, Winning Strategies for Women, and a popular motivational blog. She volunteers as a life coach and mentor for employees around the globe through her website and personal one-to-one visits. She currently works as an executive at a big four accounting firm, and speaks on branding, career planning, and women in business. She lives in Dallas with her husband, Michael, and her three children. You can find her on the web at

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