Promote Yourself on Twitter: 5 Steps to Being Discovered

by Yuleni Pulido

Promote Yourself on Twitter

Having a Twitter account is not enough. You must do more to increase your chances of being found. Following are some practical tips to help you get started, but first, look at my Twitter profile:


Twitter allows you to use keywords to be discovered, but you must use the right words so recruiters and employers find you. Your handle (the @...) should use words that describe your profession, such as @HumanResources, @BusinessDev., or @Communications. This way, when recruiters enter the name of the position they are seeking, your Twitter profile will appear. Once you land your new job, you can change your handle.


The keywords in the summary should be precise and concise. These should be words associated with your target jobs. For accurate keyword selection, use the words included in job postings online. For instance, Talent Development and Implementation, Turnover, Retention, Workforce Trends, and Employee Relations. These keywords are all related to Human Resources positions.


The location should be your target job location. If you live in Washington, but would like to work in Florida, then you should probably have Florida as your location, so that you can be discovered for opportunities in Florida.


Take advantage of the website feature to add the URL to your LinkedIn profile, which should strategically present your brand and experience. Otherwise, it might hinder you from landing a great top-paying job.


Your Twitter account photo should be presentable and professional. Also, you should try to keep all your online social media photos the same, so that you can easily be recognized among all the networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

As you begin to actively search for your next job, build a quality network with professionals and thought leaders in your target industries and companies. Start conversations with them on Twitter. Retweet their Tweets and create Tweets of your own that pertain to your target industry. Emerge yourself as a thought leader in your ideal industry.

This article was packed with practical job search strategies. I strongly encourage you to apply them right away. Oh - and whatever you do, do not ask your Twitter contacts for a job; that is a huge turn-off. Leave that for the interview.

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