6 Steps to Finding Your New Job on Twitter

by Yuleni Pulido

Find Job Twitter

If you are actively searching for a job, there is no reason why your job search should be stagnant. Instead, you should be attending interviews on a weekly basis. The more interviews you attend, the more chances you have of landing your new job.

There are many ways to be exposed to new and exciting opportunities. I am not referring to the traditional job aggregator sites. I am talking about social media sites, like Twitter. Whether you are in the executive, mid, or entry level phase of your career, using Twitter the right way might just lead you to your new top-paying job.

Tip: To receive maximum benefits from reading this article, I suggest applying these strategies as you read them.

1) Think of a few companies for which you would like to work. Type “company-name+career” and follow them on Twitter. For instance, would you love to work for Amazon? Type “Amazon+Career” and follow their career page. This will allow you to receive daily updates on their job vacancies through your Twitter feed. Also, you will reduce the time you spend visiting each company’s career website to discover new opportunities.

If you are searching for a job as a Human Resources Director in Florida, simply type “Human Resources Director Florida” and a list of jobs will appear, as in the print screens below.

2) Select the jobs you like, as in the image below.

3) View the ones you like and create a manual list.

4) Gather about 30 positions you would like to pursue.

5) Search for the key decision maker in those companies and note their contact information, including their email addresses.

6) Send your target contacts a brief and powerful value proposition letter along with your new branding resume targeting the positions you found.

Add Twitter to your job search arsenal. You’ll be a step ahead of the competition and a step closer to landing your best job yet.

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