The Elevator Speech: So, What's Your Pitch?

Elevator Speech

If you were presented with the opportunity to meet someone who could give you a job or a promotion, what would you say? Do you even have something prepared? A good elevator speech is sometimes the start of something bigger. Don't miss your chance when the time comes.

What's an Elevator Speech?

In summary, an elevator speech is a pitch that you make to sell yourself. No... it doesn't have to be made "in an elevator," although it helps to imagine yourself in the elevator with the other person as you fine-tune your speech. The idea is that by the time the elevator ride is over, you have to be done with your message.

How to Come Up With a Good Elevator Speech?

Know yourself and what you have to offer. Start with your name and then state what you do. Include in your elevator speech something that makes you unique.

Your elevator speech has to be clear and concise. You should be able to deliver your core message in less than a minute. Try to look natural, avoid stumbling along the way and everything will go fine. Practice makes perfect!

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