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How to Use Your College Experience in an Interview

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New Graduates

Resume Tips for New Graduates

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Editor's Note

The education phase of your life is over. You need to look for work, but you don't have a lot of experience, if any. You feel overwhelmed by the job search process and the competition for the few openings that you see on job boards.

If this is how you feel, stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Go look at yourself in the mirror. Now, ask yourself, what kind of pitch can you make that will get you hired? What is your edge? How are you different from others? What are your strengths? What can you bring to the job that is valuable?

Here is the most important advice that you will ever hear:


Confidence is key. It is the seed that will make things happen for you. You need to believe in yourself in order to have the drive to go forward with your job search. It may be a long journey. We don't know, but you need to be ready for it.

Looking for work is a lot about attitude and having the right outlook on things. You need to be positive to draw good luck and for people to want to give you a chance and work with you.

However, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Employers understand that you are new to the job market. The main attributes they will be looking for are that you have the right foundation and the right motivation to learn and grow. Potential and an open mind are what employers look for in new graduates.

This section is dedicated specifically to new graduates. However, the more general resources found elsewhere on WorkBloom also apply to you. Therefore, make sure to look at those as well. Good luck in your journey. Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint.

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