Resume Writing: Presenting a Compelling Case for an Interview

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Graduating from college is a very exciting moment in a person's life. It is now time to get out there and put that degree to good use. That being said, it can be intimidating to write a resume when you spent the last few years in college and have no concrete work experience. Don't overly worry about that and do the best with what you've got. You likely have much more to offer to an employer than you might think. It is up to you to show what you can contribute. This is your time to shine, to really talk yourself up, so don't downplay what you have accomplished.

Your resume should start with your contact information. Include your name, phone number, home address, and email address. Mention your education, work experience and any internship or volunteer activities you participated in. Don't worry if they do not relate directly to your field of studies. They can shine light on other aspects of yourself such as your character and work ethics. You may have belonged to a variety of different organizations during your time in college. Discuss that in your resume as well. This shows you have initiative and can fit well.

Tailor your resume to each position you apply to. Make sure that what you include is relevant and on point. Keep your sentences short and clear. Limit your resume to one page.

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