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Graduating from college is a very exciting moment in a person's life. It is now time to get out there and put that degree to good use. That being said, it can be intimidating to write a resume when you spent the last few years in college and have no concrete work experience. Don't overly worry about that and do the best with what you've got. You likely have much more to offer to an employer than you might think. It is up to you to show what you can contribute. This is your time to shine -- to really talk yourself up -- so don't downplay what you have accomplished.

Your resume should start with your contact information. Include your name, phone number, home address, and email address. Did you work while you were in college? If so, you need to include your work experience. This shows you have been in the working world. Don't worry if your work experience was not in the relevant field. It shines light on other aspects of yourself such as your character and your work ethics.

It is possible that you did an internship as part of your classroom work. That experience should be related to your degree. Even though you didn't get paid for it, this is still something that allowed you to develop relevant skills and knowledge. Your resume should include where you did that internship, for how long, and what you accomplished while working there.

Do you have volunteer work experience? This is a great section to add to your resume as well. It shows you took the time to help out and that you are passionate about certain issues in society. Volunteer work allows you to learn new skills that can carry over into your new position.

You may have belonged to a variety of different organizations during your time in college. Discuss that in your resume. This shows you have initiative and can fit well.

Talk about your personal characteristics. For example, you can include on your resume that you are organized, responsible, and self motivated. These are all great characteristics that make wonderful employees. Give examples. Most employers out there would agree that they can help someone learn the ins and outs of the job. However, they can't teach a person good work ethics or impose upon a person a positive attitude. If your resume can convey the message that you are energetic, willing to work, and willing to take on the challenge of a new job then you will have peaked their interest.

Your resume should be limited to one page. If you have over a page, see if you have included irrelevant information.

To conclude, avoid typos and grammatical errors. Make sure your sentences are clear. You don't want the person who reads your resume to be wondering what you meant. You may have plenty of skills and initiative but apparently innocuous errors can result in your application being rejected. It is always a good habit to have someone else review your resume for you before sending it out.

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