How to Get a Job Through Recruiters

by Alex Freund


People change jobs every three years on average. Some stay with the same employer but in new roles; some join a different employer. In the future, recruiters will have an increased role in matching job seekers with jobs. About half of all new openings with large employers are now filled by internal mobility—but still under the control of a recruiter. The other half of the openings are filled by new hires but also through a recruiter.

Recruiters play a pivotal role in job seekers’ future. The hiring manager makes the final decision about whom to hire, but recruiters can block job seekers at the outset based on their own discretion.

Job seekers’ interactions with recruiters will increase. In many cases, job seekers view recruiters unfavorably, but recruiters are necessary evils. Most job seekers don’t understand the pressures recruiters face. Each recruiter works simultaneously on filling 15 to 20 openings. Recruiting is a human resources function but is evaluated by hiring managers. Recruiters rely on applicant-tracking-system technology but have to make final decisions based on interviewing every reasonable candidate. Recruiters don’t know the details of the job they’re recruiting for except to the extent of the information in the job description. They are very much under time pressure to produce results for hiring managers by meeting hiring managers’ urgent needs.

How to Increase Your Chances of Being Selected by Recruiters

Follow recruiters’ exact instructions regarding how they want you to submit your credentials. Demonstrate that you have a keen interest in the position you’re applying for. Be honest and genuine. Come prepared when interacting with them. Don’t cause them embarrassment; they need to present you to the hiring manager. Ensure that you’re a match with the job description. Use Jobscan to match your resume to the job description. Jobscan compares the resume with the job description. You can also use different software such as TagCrowd. Use TagCrowd to make sure your resume includes most of the keywords that recruiters are likely to use as queries based on the job description.

Connect With Recruiters via Job Boards

Many job seekers feel confused about the multitude of job boards and their effectiveness. To connect with recruiters, one has to be where they are. A company named Software Advice partnered with two independent research firms to conduct a survey, to which 150 recruiters responded. Without taking into consideration the cost of the recruiters using job boards, the finding was that LinkedIn delivers the highest quality of applicants, Indeed delivers the highest quantity of applicants, and Craigslist delivers lower quantities of candidates with lower quality than other job boards do.

More more insights on how to deal with the various types of people that you meet as part of your job search, see the series on working with recruiters.

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