Part 14: Management Consultants

by Tony Beshara - Creator of The Job Search Solution Online Program

Working with Recruiters

We are actually consultants who, as a part of our service, offer to recruit professionals for our clients. Recruiting is not our primary business, but often we are asked to do it. If we contact you, keep in mind that our consulting service to our client is more important to us than our recruiting service. We'd like to help them find good people, but we'd never run the risk of losing our consulting business because of a mistake in recruiting or hiring.

What this means to you is that unless you are a close to being a perfect candidate, we are going to be very careful that your candidacy doesn't jeopardize our consulting relationships. In spite of what we might tell our client, that getting someone hired is a high priority, it isn't as high a priority to us as is keeping their consulting business.

Our advantage to you: I really know the company I'm consulting with and can tell you more than you will need to know. If I think you are really good and as close to perfect as I can find, I will really push my client to hire you. However, if you are a real "match," I will push you hard to get you hired. You make me look good and we will have one other "supporter" of our consulting service in our client's organization.

Our disadvantage to you: We are consultants. Recruiting is a secondary function of what we do. We won't let the process of recruiting or its results jeopardize our consulting relationship.

How to deal with me: Once I get you "in the door" don't rely on me too much to help you get hired. Unless you're "perfect" (and who is) I may "distance" myself from you because I don't want to jeopardize my consulting arrangement. I might be able to give you some advice, but you need to "carry your own ball" once I get you in the game.

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