Part 9: Placers

by Tony Beshara - Creator of The Job Search Solution Online Program

Working with Recruiters

We are usually a "one-man band." We work by ourselves, in our office or our living room. We scour the Internet looking for resumes of people that might fit some of the job opportunities that we also find on the Internet. We send your resume to as many of those people as we can and if they "bite," we will call you and see if you might be interested in the opportunity. We don't make very many placements because our rapport with the companies we send your resume to isn't very great.

Some of us do work with a handful of firms on a repeat basis and find basically the same kind of candidates for them all over the country. We're not real big billers but the firms we work with appreciate what we do. We hone in on a particular kind of narrow experience (like copier sales, long distance service sales, etc.) that our hiring companies like and need throughout the U.S. usually for either sales or customer service, then scour the Net to find that kind of background.

Our Advantage to You

If I find you it usually means that I have one opportunity for you with one particular organization. I have probably placed a number of people with them around the country and know exactly what their procedure is and exactly the kind of person they like to hire. If you follow my instructions, I can probably be effective for you with the one or two particular organizations that I work with.

Our Disadvantage You

I am probably only going to present you to the one organization that I called you about and I'm probably going to present five or six others with exactly the same kind of background that you've got. It's a pure numbers game for them and most everybody interviewed will be alike.

How You Should Deal With Me

Realize that I place the same kind of person with the same kind of firm all over the country. I really know what the hiring authority likes. Since I'm presenting a number of people with exactly your kind of background and experience, if you're smart, you will need to sell yourself stronger than any of the other candidates I have.

If you're wise you'll ask me everything there is to know about what the hiring authority likes and why he has hired other people from me in the past. You will get me to treat you special and give you every advantage you can get in the interviewing process. If you think that I'm just a "conduit" to the interview you won't really be taking advantage of all I can do for you.

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