Part 13: Staffing Firm Recruiters

by Tony Beshara - Creator of The Job Search Solution Online Program

Working with Recruiters

We are close to the hiring managers for the firms that we work for. We're looking to hire you as an employee of our firm then contract you out to one of our clients. The kind of firms that we could work for cover a very broad range of staffing and consulting organizations. Our firm could be an administrative temporary staffing firm or an IT, technical or engineering, long-term project-consulting firm.

We will actually seek you out and hire you on a contract or you can come to us and we will try to find you an "assignment." If you come to us and we do not have a suitable position, check back periodically as timing is the key in our business. We could assign you work for our clients anywhere from a day to 3 years or more.

Because of the kind of professional that you are, you know exactly how we work. If you don't, we will explain it to you very clearly. Our business is often competitive and is thus predicated on speed. We will be moving quickly and we will expect you to keep up. Slow responses or non-responsiveness will often result in disqualification, regardless of how strong your skills are. Our motivation is to place you in a position that you can succeed in long-term. As such, you may be screened technically either online or through an interview process. This is not because we doubt your word, rather to insure a long-term fit. We recruit you or find you and you become an employee of an organization.

Our advantage to you: The opportunity I have for you is "hot" and I need to fill it right now. You can go to work quickly. Be ready!

Our disadvantage to you: The opportunity I have for you is "hot". If I can't find you or you don't return my call quickly I'll find someone else. Be ready!

How to deal with me: Keep in close touch with me. Give me every way there is to reach you and respond quickly. Be ready to move on the opportunity NOW! If you snooze, you lose!

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