Do I Really Need to Hire a Resume Writer?

by Leslie Toth | May 12, 2022

Professional Resume Writers

Do I really need to hire a resume writer? This is the question that many job seekers ask themselves at one point or another during their job search. Most professionals believe they can write their own resume. After all, they are educated, and they know their industry and profession better than anyone else, right? Of course, it’s true; anyone can write a resume. The same is true for repairing your car, cutting your own hair, or doing your taxes. However, most people would prefer to call on an expert because of the specific knowledge and skills needed to do the job correctly. The same can be said for hiring a professional resume writer.

As a certified professional resume writer, recruiter, and human resource professional, the vast majority of the resumes I review can be significantly improved, whether the resume is from an entry-level person or from a CEO. There are several reasons why people fall short of writing an interview winning resume.

First, people know their industries and professions so well that they assume all who will review their resumes will understand the jargon and infer knowledge and skills not specifically listed or described. This is most prevalent with people in highly technical fields. These days, it’s true that resumes go through human resource professionals or executive recruiters who use search tools like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). So, it’s possible to get your resume pulled by a recruiter with keywords. However, the next step of the recruiter actually reviewing your resume can get you eliminated, as well.

Failing to show that you can communicate with others in the organization on your resume will result in being passed over for not only the interview, but also for your resume making it into the hands of the hiring manager who may very well be impressed with your technical skills. Many people I speak with about job searches complain about not getting interviews, despite having adequate experience listed on their resumes for the position. The issue is that the person hasn’t presented themselves in the best light, due to concentrating on the keywords at the expense of showing strong communication skills through their writing.

On the other hand, people can go too far the other way by not including enough keywords and appropriate supporting information, resulting in missing important and desirable industry skills. The surest way to remove your resume from consideration is to miss common search terms used to pull your resume in an automated search. You want to make sure you’re found, but you also want to make sure you communicate your value to all potential reviewers of your resume, human or otherwise.

Finally, the cliché of two heads being better than one is probably the most important component of a good resume. You need to ensure your personal brand comes through, but this isn’t always an easy task. A person in a job search often finds it difficult to both evaluate and communicate his or her value. It’s important to understand where you fit in and how you can maximize your credentials to move into a position you want. This task is easier when you can discuss it with a knowledgeable person. A professional resume writer will ask the questions needed to pull out those attributes that make your brand unique and valuable.

Considering that so much is riding on your resume, the decision to hire a professional resume writer becomes an easy one. Your resume provides a critical first impression of you to a potential employer. The quality of your resume’s content is the determinant of whether you will win an interview, not to mention being offered a position. When you consider the potential impact in your job satisfaction and your lifetime career earnings, using a professional resume writer is a wise investment.

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