Resume Writers: How to Choose

Resume Writers

Working with a professional resume writer is an important decision that most job seekers will have to make at one point or another during their job search. Below are some factors to consider if you are thinking of hiring a resume writer.

When to Hire a Resume Writer

You should consider hiring a professional resume writer at the beginning of your job search if you do not possess the right skills to come up with a good resume. Many people will try to write their own resume and will only hire a professional resume writer as a measure of last resort. However, if you wait this late you run the risk of missing opportunities you would otherwise have had with a better resume. These missed opportunities could drag your job search longer than you expect and may drain your financial resources and self-confidence. The longer you are unemployed, the less marketable you become.

What to Look for When Choosing a Professional Resume Writer

When choosing a professional resume writer, you should consider the following:

  • You should look for a writer based in the country where you intend to work. For most people, this will be the country where they reside. However, for others, this could include the country where they are considering relocating.
  • You should look for someone who is a certified resume writer and has at least a few years of experience. This does not guarantee that the writer will be good, but since you are paying for a service, you should be able to expect some level of expertise. Keep in mind that this is not a strict rule. If the writer comes highly recommended, you may decide to give it a go.
  • You should choose someone who understands your profession and industry (e.g. someone with the same background or with experience writing resumes for others in the same profession or industry). You can ascertain this by asking for some resume samples or by talking to the writer.
  • Last but not least, you should choose a writer whose writing style you like. We all have different personalities. Our writing style often reflects our personality. Even if your resume is written by someone else, you still want to feel like it reflects who you are. All this to say that you have to be comfortable with the end result.

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