Tips on How to Write a Dubai Resume (Also Referred to as a CV)

by Meera S.P.


Most recruiters in Dubai refer to a resume or CV interchangeably. Since CV is more commonly used, this article will use the same terminology.

Length of Your CV

Employers in Dubai look for elaborate CVs. Your CV should be 2 pages and include pertinent information, as discussed later in this article. If you are applying for a senior-level position or if the circumstances warrant, you can extend your resume to 3 pages. Unlike in some parts of the world, notably the US, a one-page CV is probably too short.

Your Photo

You must include a photo on the top right-hand side of the first page of your CV. A professional passport size photograph with a grey or blue solid background is preferred. Make sure that you look professional and do not reveal your skin. Dubai is a Muslim country and their culture must be respected.

Contact Information and Personal Details

On the top left hand side of the first page of your CV, indicate your:

  • Name in full (as shown in your passport)
  • Phone number with your country code
  • Active email address
  • LinkedIn ID

Below your contact information, address the following:

  • Your gender
  • Your nationality
  • Your date of birth
  • Languages you are proficient in (English and Arabic are the languages in which business is conducted, but Hindi and Urdu are widely spoken)
  • Your current location
  • Your marital status and number of dependents (most companies provide free family accommodation, medical insurance coverage, and some even include your children’s educational expenses as part of your compensation package)
  • Your passport number and the expiry date
  • Your current visa status
  • Details of your driving license (if you hold a valid international driving license, that is a plus)

Profile Snapshot

Include a profile section highlighting your key strengths and value proposition.


List your education in reverse chronological order. State the name of the degree in full (no abbreviations please), the university, the country, and the year you graduated. Make sure to be clear. The recruiter may not be familiar with the education system where you come from.

Employment Details

State your employment history in reverse chronological order. For each position, state your period of employment, the name of the company and the position title. Then, state your responsibilities and accomplishments.

Training, Workshops and IT Skills

Mention if you received training on the job and your IT qualifications.

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