Resume Samples - Military Background


military background
credit and collection, customer care, financial services


computer operations, military background, career transition, logistics, supply chain

Airline & Aerospace

aerospace industry, military background, naval aviation support, quality control and assurance, senior
airport, security screening, transportation security, military background


education, PHD, management of military academy


engineering, project management, military background, energy industry


dental assistant, dental hygienist, healthcare, experience servicing military personel
medicine, surgery, occupational health, healthcare management, defense industry
mental health, veterans support, US Navy

Human Resources

HR, human resources, recruiting, military experience, career transition


arts marketing, advertising, media, military background


rocket artillery, platoon operations, military


retail store, retail merchandising, store management, military background
technological sales, sales operations, military background


loss prevention, retail industry, military background
airport, security screening, transportation security, military background
security, surveillance, inspection, international experience, military background
investigation, detective, security, surveillance, loss prevention, police experience, military background

Supply Chain

distribution center / warehouse management, logistics, inventory management, supply chain, military background
logistics, quality control, military background


help desk, IT support, technical support, military industry
IT, information technology, networking, military background

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