Resume Formatting: Choosing the Right Format and Layout for Your Resume

Resume Formatting

Resume formatting is about choosing the most appropriate resume format and most effective resume layout for your particular situation.

Resume Formatting Starts with the Right Resume Format

Most resumes use the reverse chronological resume format. In essence, this resume format focuses on the candidate's work experience and mentions them starting with the most recent. This resume format is most appropriate for people with a consistent (and uninterrupted) work history.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is what we call functional resume formats, which, instead of focusing on where a person worked, focuses on that person's skills. This resume format is most appropriate if you want to draw attention away from where you worked and focus the attention on your skills, including transferable skills. People who return to work after a period of absence or people looking to change career often use this resume format. 

The last resume format is a "hybrid," meaning that it incorporates elements of both the reverse chronological resume format and functional resume format. This is a good option and one that many resume writers choose.

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Resume Formatting, Step #2: Coming Up with a Good Resume Layout

The second aspect of resume formatting is coming up with a good resume layout; one that will maximize your resume's visual impact. It is important to spend time on having a proper resume layout for the following reasons:

  • The person reviewing your resume will spend only a few seconds during the initial screening stage. You want to make sure that within that short span of time, your resume catches his or her attention.
  • Your resume contains a lot of information. You want to make sure that information is properly organized in order to highlight your strengths.
  • The appearance of your resume will reflect on your professionalism and your candidacy in general.
  • A resume with a good layout is another way for you to set yourself apart from other applicants.
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WorkBloom has free resume templates to get you started. If you are proficient with Microsoft Word, you can download these resume templates and tailor them to your own needs. 

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