Resume Ideas: Consider All Your Options

Resume Ideas

The resume ideas in this section are intended to help you stand out, if that's what you want. It can be a good idea, or it can be a very bad idea to stray away from the conventional resume format. It's your call to make. If you work in a conservative field or industry, you may want to stay within the bounds of a conventional resume. However, if creativity is important in your line of work, you may be justified in showcasing that creativity through your resume.

Unconventional Resume Ideas, Why Not?

In simple terms, a resume is a document that presents your qualifications to the employer or recruiter. Resumes are typically printed on paper using the standard letter size. However, if the thrust of a resume is that it is intended to convey your qualifications, why can't your resume be something else? Why can't you present your qualifications another way?

Your Decision to Make

If you are looking for other ways to present yourself, in addition to your resume, or in substitution to your resume, this section will provide you with some ideas. Keep in mind however that we are not necessarily recommending these other options. You have to look at your own circumstances and decide for yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter and try to see how he or she would react to your unconventional resume.

Letting go of conventions is not necessarily a bad thing. It's how you approach it. Always think in terms of the type of candidate that the employer is looking to hire. List the top 3 qualities or qualifications that the employer would like to see in the ideal candidate. Then, ask yourself if your unconventional way to present your resume helps showcase these qualities or qualifications. If yes, you may be on the right track. If not, then you have to ask yourself why then do you want to stand out. If it's only to grab the employer's attention, with nothing else to offer, you may want to reconsider.

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