Resume Tips for Students Applying to Internships

by Kimberly Sarmiento

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Internships are perhaps one of the most important things for students to complete while pursuing their college degrees. They provide you with real-world experience to include on your resume upon graduation, while helping you build a professional network and gain references for your job search. Since internships are so important, they are also highly competitive. As a result, the resume you include when applying needs to paint you in the best possible light. This article provides several recommendations on how to achieve that goal.

Course Information and Academic Projects

Since you are in the middle of pursuing your degree, your professional experience will be limited. Therefore, you should include a list of courses that you have completed to demonstrate how you have expanded your skill set. Additionally, you should detail out academic projects that you have completed during your studies. Be sure to include the parameters of the assignment, your role in any group project, and the results of your findings.

Your course listing can be included with the name of the degree you are pursuing and the name of the college or university. You can also include memberships or activities in this section. If your project list is long enough, it should be separated into a category on its own.

Associations and School Activities

You should include details regarding school activities, clubs, and associations you have been active in. However, be sure to include more than just your status (member, vice president, etc…), organization name, and years of activity. Try to think of something you have achieved as part of that group and include that information as well.

Examples of achievement to include range from fundraising or event management activities to efforts to increase membership or represent the organization on campus or in the community.

Professional Experience

Presumably, your professional experience at this point in your career is limited to jobs that have little to do with what you want to pursue upon graduation. However, even experience as a sales associate for a retail store or customer representative at a call center can be used to demonstrate specific skill sets to a potential employer.

When detailing out this information, be sure to list more than just your job duties. Try to communicate how you contributed to an overall store revenue or how you helped achieve performance metrics. Be sure to convey skills such as customer service, communication, inventory management, and anything else that might relate to the internship you are applying to.

Awards and Recognitions

You might not always want to include information regarding your academic awards, but doing so at this point in your career might demonstrate your ability to excel in your present pursuits. You can include your GPA, awards such as Dean’s or President’s List, or scholarships you received due to academic excellence. You can also include awards you received from clubs or college/community organizations. Just be sure to include a description of the award so readers understand its significance.

Relevant Skills List

You should be sure to include any foreign language skills you possess as well as technical expertise. Also, include a list of relevant business skills, such as communication, customer service, or sales. If you have already earned a credential, such as a paralegal certificate while pursuing a four-year degree, include it as well. Just be sure that for any skill or language you list, you are prepared to defend in an interview.


A resume for a college student or recent graduate should be one page in length. Therefore, as you gather the information described in this article, be sure to prioritize and include the most relevant data first. As you gain experience during your internship, you might need to remove some information here to include the details of those duties and achievements. It will remain your goal to keep your resume at one page until you have a few years of career experience. Just make sure that you keep track of the highlights and accomplishments related to your internship for later inclusion in your resume.

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