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resume samples/examplesWorkBloom features over 300 resume examples from various industries and professions. This section is intended to show you that there is a multitude of ways you can write, structure or format your resume.

Click on the links below to be redirected to the resume samples for the specified industries. From there, you will be able to go through the text version of the resumes, as well as see an image of the formatted resumes.

For help writing your resume, go to the Resume Center and choose the specific aspects of resume writing that you would like to improve upon.

If you are not familiar with resume writing, we recommend you read the articles on how to write a resume, how to format a resume and how to structure a resume.

We also feature articles on how to create a portfolio for your job search. For some professions, a job application should include all three: a cover letter, a resume, and a portfolio.

accounting, auditing, tax
administrative, office work, clerk, receptionist, coordinator, customer service
aerospace, airline
arts, media, writing, editing, communication, design
lending, trust management, investment banking, retail banking
child care, elementary education, language, physical education, sports
mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering
finance, investing, planning, analysis, insurance, economy
restaurant, bar, hotel, travel & tourism, entertainment, event management
government, public organizations, non-profit, military
healthcare, dental, optician, nursing, mental health
real estate, housing, property management, interior design
HR, payroll, compensation, recruiting
management, professional services, analysis
marketing, advertising, product development
manufacturing, operations
sales, business development, retail sales, call center, telemarketing
security, police, investigation, military, defense, intelligence, crisis management, anti-terrorism
student, internship, new graduate, graduate school, college admission
supply chain, logistics, distribution, planning, merchandising, procurement
IT, networking, software, telecom, web, multimedia, sciences
service industry, other

Resume Samples... Where to Begin?

If you've decided to write your resume yourself, one of the first things you've probably done (and this may explain why you're reading this) is to browse the Web for resume samples, resume examples, or resume templates. After all, why reinvent the wheel? It doesn't hurt to see what others have done, right? Actually, looking at other resumes may do you more harm than good, if you're not ready.

Looking at other resume samples should not be a shortcut to writing your resume, but instead should be done to validate what you've written. Writing a resume takes time. You need to reflect on your education, accomplishments, work experience, etc., and put all this together in a way that is coherent and compelling. You don't need external input at this stage yet.

Comparing Your Draft Resume With the Resume Samples Out There

Once you are done with a good draft of your resume, then you may go online, see what others have done and compare your resume. What have others done that you like or dislike? Where can you improve your resume? Looking at other resume examples when you are done with a draft of your resume will allow you to be more critical.

Seen Enough? Time to Revise Your Resume

Go back to your draft and rework your resume. Did you miss a section? Can you improve your summary of qualifications? Did you sell yourself enough? How does the layout of your resume compare with others? Spend the time it takes to revamp your resume and make it perfect.

The time you spend working on your resume is not wasted. It will increase your odds of being called for an interview and, once there, it will help you be more genuine and authentic as you talk about yourself and your accomplishments.

Editor's Note: In some parts of the world, resumes are referred to as CVs. Depending on where you are, it is important to follow local practices. That being said, whether you're referring to a resume (in the US) or a CV (in Europe), a resume/CV serves essentially the same purpose, to convey your qualifications to a potential employer. Further, with globalization and many organizations having offices in various parts of the world, an American (expat) recruiter based in Europe, and working for an American multinational, may be more familiar with the US resume format. Thus, the line between a resume and a CV is not what it used to be. The resume/CV samples in this section are a good point of reference to see various examples of resumes/CVs or different resume/CV formats.

Resume Samples

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WorkBloom has an extensive database of cover letter samples as well. Similarly to the resume samples that we feature, these cover letter samples show a wide range of writing styles.

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