Engineering Resume Samples

Chemical Engineering

materials engineering, chemical engineering, PHD, membrane technology

Electrical Engineering

global energy operations, field construction project management, asset management
facilities management
electrical engineering, project coordination

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

engineering, machinist
industrial engineering, production, manufacturing
mechanical engineering, lighting engineering, industrial design, manufacturing
manufacturing, engineering, defense sector, product development & prototyping
civil engineering, transportation, project management

Mechanical Engineering

avionics, engineering, airline industry, senior
mechanical engineering, prototype development, product design, patents


military background, 20+ years of experience

Quality Control

engineering, quality control, fabrication, automotive industry
quality engineering, system/performance testing, automation to design, backend testing

Resources for Writing a Good Engineering Resume

If you're entering the field, this article from Leslie Toth gives some best practices for writing an effective engineering resume, although the tips are also applicable to STEM careers in general: Resume Tips for Entry-Level STEM Careers. This other article from Cathy Eng gives specific tips for system engineers: The Secret To Making Your Systems Engineering Resume Stand Out.

Editor's Note

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