Technology Resume Samples

Information Technology / Information Systems

perioperative application specialist, application management professional
chief technology officer, system design
geography, environment, technology, information systems, mapping
nursing experience
experience managing large teams (up to 100 staff)
IT, information technology, networking, military background
mobile technology, IT project management, tradeshows, conferences, corporate events
information gathering, software and product testing, project management
ITAM, HPAM, ITIL, Service Management
IT, business transformation, business process outsourcing, advisory to CEOs / COOs / CTOs


IT, information technology
network administration, IT
network engineering, telecommunication, IP telephony

System Administration

Microsoft operating system, Windows server, network administration, tech support
systems administrator, technology

IT Support / Help Desk / Hardware

CET, computer hardware, computer repair and maintenance, IT support
technical support, help desk, desktop / computer support
help desk, IT support, technical support, military industry
help desk, IT support, technical support, financial industry


business and IT analysis, management, international project management, reporting solutions
software engineering, systems architecture, programming, analytics, database engineering
Oracle database administration, IT

Software Development / Programming

software development, COBOL
computer science, help desk, aeronautics, aircraft industry
software engineering, computer information systems, ASP, UNIX
systems engineer & programmer, GUI design architect, technical marketing engineer


telecommunications industry, operations management, project management, sales engineer

Website Development

web programming, freelance
web development, website management

Graphic Design / Multimedia

graphic design, web design, computer graphics

Project Management / Systems Implementation

business / system analysis, IT, MBA
IT project management

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