Resume Writing Tips to Improve the Visual Impact of Your Resume

by John Sylo

Resume Visual Impact

When writing their resume, too often job seekers are putting the emphasis at the wrong place and, when asked why, don't really know. One bad habit is to highlight the name of a previous employer. If your prior employer or employers are unknown companies, drawing attention to their name will not make your candidacy stronger, which begs the question, why do it in the first place? If you worked for an "avant-garde" company like Google or Apple, it would be a good idea to draw attention to their name. There is a presumption that those big companies only hire the cream of the crop and so, the fact that you used to work there can surely bolster your standing. If, however, you worked at a small company, it might be a better idea to highlight the title of the position you held to draw the focus on you instead.

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