Resumes So Crazy That They Work!

by Megan Koehler

Crazy Resume

Awhile back I wrote about some unconventional and creative resume approaches, but none of them compare to the crazy, out of the box resume tactics below. These strategies were just so crazy and cutting edge that they actually worked for these job applicants.

Take the example of the candy bar resume; quite the marketing ploy from an applicant searching for a marketing position. This "resume" worked for him not once but twice, helping him to land positions in his desired field and with companies that he knew would appreciate his ingenuity.

The following resume is another prime example of a resume that went beyond the norm. This candidate took a chance and ended up with more exposure than he ever dreamed possible. Seriously, just google Amazon resume. This guy has had articles written about his resume, it's been shared, facebooked, and tweeted. Within eight days his resume had been viewed over 1,000,000 times. He captures every detail of an Amazon product page, even the "add to cart" button serves a purpose by bringing up a contact form to get in touch with him - very clever! You can view the entire resume here.

Although slightly more common, another non-typical resume idea is to make your Facebook profile into your resume. This means nothing non-professional on your profile that could deter potential employers. I would suggest that perhaps you create a separate profile for your professional persona, maybe use a middle initial to differentiate. I have no idea whether or not that goes against Facebook's guidelines but if you are a job seeker in desperate need of a job perhaps you don't care. With more and more companies using social media to check up on candidates it might be a pleasant surprise for them to find a profile dedicated to your career rather than what you did Saturday night.

If you want to attempt an approach similar to those above in your job search, you'd better come up with something fresh and new. Chances are the candy bar resume will no longer have the same eye-catching appeal that it had with the original job seeker. Same goes for the Amazon page and Facebook profile - too many copycats dilute the potency of its purpose which is to stand out and make a statement. Furthermore, not everyone can pull it off and not everyone should attempt to try. You have to have the potential to successfully carry off a resume stunt; this means your personality, career field, and job prospects all need to be accommodating to an atypical resume approach.

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