CEO (Retail Brands & Global Markets) Resume

by Mary Elizabeth Bradford

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USA / UAE • 000.000.0000 • [email protected]

Dynamic culture is the foundation of great companies.


Visionary leader reputed for driving huge surges in revenue earnings, building world-class teams, and effecting real and sustainable change in all economic climates.

A High-Visibility Brand Builder of World-Class Companies. Able to turn a quality product brand into an industry powerhouse through M&A and internal development. Strong orientations in sales and marketing galvanize and inspire global teams to reach award-winning levels of consistent performance.

Charismatic, High-Performing Executive and Solver of Revenue Challenges. Offer impressive record of leadership doing what others said couldn’t be done in multi-unit, service-driven environments.  As CEO for one of the world’s largest full-service franchise, recently increased EBITDA by 52% in just 16-months in a down market.

Successful in Rapid-Growth Situations Requiring Bold Initiative. Demonstrate sound judgment and a track record of unprecedented operational leadership.


  • 15+ Years’ Executive Expertise
  • P&L to $10 Billion
  • Global Team Leadership of 22,000
  • MBA, Wharton School of Business
  • Major Operational Turnarounds
  • Acquisition & Development
  • Global Expansions
  • International Franchising
  • Lifestyle Brands
  • Service-Centric Businesses


RDI International, Boston, MA / Dubai, UAE | 2011-present
A multifaceted organization, RDI International is one of the largest full-service franchise operators in the world. RDI owns and operates 4000 units with 22,000 associates and represents nearly 900 franchise units with 30,000 associates worldwide.

Overview: Recruited directly by the Board to lead a $10-billion P&L with global oversight. Challenged to stabilize and turn around a stagnant enterprise built around operational silos with no defined culture while spearheading growth by infusing new dimensions of service and culture across the company—all during a time of economic instability. Direct overall operations for 5 major divisions. On track to reach stated goal in excess of $100 million EBITDA in the next 5 years through acquisition, development, franchising, and licensing.

  • OPERATIONAL TURNAROUNDS: Achieved budgeted EBITDA 3 consecutive years in a flat market. Weeded out poorly performing components, resulting in smoother operations with functionality poised to deliver on brand promise.
  • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT & EBITDA IMPROVEMENTS: Drove EBITDA from $24 million to $34 million in 24 months. On track to exceed $42+ million in 2015.
  • ACQUISITIONS: Led $50 million in acquisitions which spurred growth of 15 clubs and $10 million in EBITDA in 28 months.
  • NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Developed and launched successful new product that combines low initial costs with low operating overhead and 50% less labor costs than a full-service club.

  • INNOVATIVE EXPANSIONS: Opened 30 corporate and franchise clubs in 12 months with plans for 25 new corporate express clubs in 2016. Projecting 50 new Franchise Clubs by 2020. Franchise 10-year royalty stream is an anticipated $30 million per 50 new open clubs.
  • GLOBAL LICENSING & OPTIMIZING ADDITIONAL REVENUE STREAMS: Direct $200-million retail sales licensing division of Platinum’s branded products around the world. Currently lead international expansion in UAE and Asia Pacific with more than 20 product lines represented at the three largest US retailers.

MX11 Corporation, Santa Barbara, CA | 1999-2009
A premier upscale hotel and resort chain with 80 luxury locations across America.

Overview: Recruited to lead operations and a $200-million P&L for 11 hotel properties across Texas. Challenged with addressing mediocre customer service rankings and growing market competition. Took the Texas market from #7 nationwide to #1 for profitability and customer service rankings in just 24 months, sustaining those top rankings through to 2009.

  • PROFITABILITY METRICS: Drove sales teams to unprecedented levels of success, winning the majority of Alpha's achievement awards, high guest satisfaction, and meeting profitability metrics each year for 10 consecutive years.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE IMPROVEMENTS: Led region to consistently score the highest levels in J.D. Powers’ Service rankings, directly contributing to J.D. Powers ranking MX11 #1 in service in the upscale hotels division three separate times.
  • MARKET EXPANSIONS / PORTFOLIO ACQUISITIONS: Key contributor to two high-profile hotel property acquisitions in San Antonio totaling $75 million.

-Prior Positions of Note-

The Marlo Corporation – Rapidly promoted through a variety of operational and sales positions of increasing responsibility, which provided exemplary grooming and a solid foundation for future executive positions.  Promoted 4 times in 5 years, winning every available award in each role promoted into.


Master of Business Administration: Wharton School of Business

Bachelor of Science, Marketing: California State University


Board of Directors: Dubai Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors: US Convention and Visitors Bureau & Chamber of Commerce


General Manager of the Year – Outstanding Revenue Leadership: RDI International

Executive of the Year Award, MX11

Director of Revenue Management of the Year Award: Marlo Corporation