Data Engineer Resume

by Kimberly Sarmiento

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Specialty: Software Engineering – Systems Architecture – Programming – Analytics – Database Engineering

A versatile programmer with strong debugging skills offers a solid understanding/use of algorithms and analytics as well as proven technical leadership and project management skills. Leverages comprehensive technical expertise for software engineering, data management, and developing innovative business solutions for corporate customers.


  • Trained as an analytic scientist with FICO’s Fraud Analytics group, developing various regression and neural network Falcon models based on existing data and risk analytics software.
  • Re-built a complex flagship product, debugging and fixing the kernel 2.4x driver for ssl cards to speed up servers.
  • Designed and implemented an electronic delivery system where company product inventory was accessible in real-time by vendors; the system served 700 companies with $2M in sales per month.
  • Researched and designed a Linux based system which unifies printing, faxing, and mail systems across the country (14 states) into one virtual system; saved company $25K per month in invoice printing costs.


COMPANY NAME – City, State (2005 – 2016)
Analytic Scientist II

  • Worked on big data solutions and Cyber Analytics models for key departments.
  • Developed a new streaming analytic framework in Java with JSON data in CouchDB.
  • Contributed to the FICO cloud initiative with custom fraud detection models.
  • Performed JUnits tests for frameworks using Couchbase-Mock.

Lead Software Engineer

  • Served as a Lead Engineer for development of risk analytics software that analyzes and scores billions of transactions in real time to prevent fraud; the software was written in C/ C++ for Solaris 10, Aix, and HP-UX.
  • Wrote and optimized PL/ SQL code under Oracle 10g to handle large data sets using partitioning; the data loads are approximately 100 million a day at peak transactional volume.
  • Worked on a next generation platform for fraud analytics that uses proprietary rule language based on Pascal.

COMPANY NAME – City, State (2004 – 2005)
Lead Software Architect

  • Provided hands-on management for the engineering group and researched new products for the company.
  • Implemented a modular extensible framework for a next gen product in C++ & C#; the system core is C/ C++ with a low level hook into kernel32 in the Win32 subsystem for network packet interception.

Professional Overview continued…

COMPANY NAME – City, State (2000 – 2004)
Senior Engineer

  • Conceived, researched, and developed new products for the company.
  • Architected a replacement for legacy systems that utilized Linux clusters to make data available 24/7.
  • Designed cluster using LVS to serve data to clients using apache and to act as an X server for thin clients via xdmcp.
  • Implemented using Gentoo Linux as a base system.


  • Master’s Diploma in Computer Science – University Name
  • BS, Computer Science Physics Mathematics – University Name
  • Certified in Siebel Business Methods – University Name
  • Pattern Oriented Software Architecture – University Name


  • Software Engineering: Architecting large systems (distributed and clustered) and designing object oriented frameworks in C/ C++, Java, Python, and Perl
  • Analytics: Machine learning using neural nets and regression analysis on large data sets
  • Database Engineering: Designed and served as Database Administrator for a large Oracle system; other experience includes MySQL, Couchbase, and Hadoop databases
  • Systems Engineering: Worked and developed on various unices (Solaris/ Aix/ HP-UX/ Linux/ BSD) and Windows
  • Programming: Java, C/ C++, Windows, UNIX, Python; experienced in UNIX shell scripting
  • OS: MS Windows 3.11 – 7.0, Unices (Sun Solaris 7/ 8/ 10, Aix 6.x, HP-UX & Linux - Kernels, RHEL & OSX
  • Languages: C/ C++, Delphi, Java, Perl, PL/ SQL, Python
  • Databases: Oracle 8i – 10g, MS Sql 2000, IBM DB2, Hadoop, Couchbase, MySQL, Hadoop
  • Toolkits: VCL – Visual Component Library, .NET, STL – The C++ Standard Template Library, J2EE & J2SE + Spring, Numpy & Scikit, Bootstrap, JQuery, UUNit
  • Version Control: Subversion (svn), CVS, Rational Clearcase, Git + Stash
  • Technologies: SCRUM, TCP/ UDP, XML/ Ajax, SS7/ C7, ISUP – ISDN User Part, Codecs – G.723.1, G.726, G.728, G.729A, VOIP, DES, 3DES, RCA, SHA1, Blowfish, Wav, Aiff, mp3, vox, DB Modeling – ER-Win, Rational Rose