Human Resources Executive Resume (Airline Industry)

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In senior Human Resources positions with a leading airline best known for 33 straight profitable years amid industry ups and downs, delivered unique solutions that transformed corporate goals into profitable reality, built effective HR and operations systems, and managed rapid and sustained business growth.

  • As Regional Director of Inflight Services with Southwest Airlines, directed HR strategies for thousands of employees in multiple locations. Directed core management activities far surpassing typical Human Resources functions, including key components of change management related to corporate directives of  Inflight Services department.

  • With fourteen years of management experience in the airline industry, offer a valuable grouping of cross-functional skills, specific to the unique needs of this business. Thoroughly familiar with industry-related labor issues, collective bargaining agreements, regulatory requirements, safety and security, employee satisfaction, and staff development.

  • Developed numerous programs to support corporate goals and created lean yet effective operating conditions. Programs include creation and implementation of change-management concepts to introduce a "One Company Mentality" that merged best practices of corporate policies and cultures resulting in improved systems, employee relations and customer service.

  • Recognized by company leadership and peers as a smart, industrious, tenacious, and decisive leader and visionary. Manage Human Resources as a value-add, not a resource drain. Quickly assessed situations, rapidly crafting solutions, building teams, organizing actions, and creating profit and/or efficiency with each project's conclusion.


  • Budget Administration
  • Policy Design & Administration
  • Corporate Safety &Security
  • Employee Recruitment & Retention
  • Program Assessment/ Change
  • Union Negotiations & Mediations
  • HRIS System Implementation
  • Compensation & Benefit Programs
  • Employee & Labor Law
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Development and Training Programs
  • Employee and Customer Relations


SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, INC. – Inflight Services, Dallas, Texas, 1987 to Present
Southwest Airlines, Inc. has annual revenues of $484 million, and seven locations with 32,000 employees (NYSE: LUV).

As Regional Director of Inflight Services ('00 to '06), reported to Vice President of Inflight Services for Southwest Airlines, Inc., was key member of corporate executive management team, directing and enhancing legendary customer service through leadership and support to Inflight Base Leaders, Labor Relations, and Employee Resources. Directed human resources at 7 locations with approximately 8,639 employees. Managed 67 direct reports, 8,572 indirect reports, and a $6 million budget.

  • Integral member of "Go Team" for Emergency Deployment during the Chicago incident. Completed debriefings, reassured personnel, and liaised  between crew members and FAA, NTSB, and FBI personnel.
  • A key achievement as executive team member was the development/ implementation of a Crisis Communications program utilized both during and after the  9/11 terrorists attack. Created an open line of communication with crew members across Southwest to ensure receipt of flight status reports, procedural changes, and provision allowances during crisis.

As Director of Inflight Crew Scheduling, Crew Planning and Crew Payroll ('98 to '00), was promoted to direct all efforts related to the efficient utilization of flight Crewmembers through crew scheduling/ audit, planning, automation, and technology projects that supported 1,950 daily departures. Direct reports included 10 managers and supervisors as well as 71 indirect reports and 7,100 Flight Attendants. Prepared and administered a $2.5 million budget.

  • Developed Consistency Committee from base related personnel only into representation from all Inflight Services departments creating a "think tank" environment. Streamlined processes and procedures and created documentation for tracking purposes.
  • A key achievement as Subject Matter Expert (SME) to IT team was the automation of Crew Solver program, which streamlined companies re-route system. Also introduced new "paring optimizer" to improve quality of life for Flight Attendants.



Southwest Airlines, Phoenix, Arizona

As Inflight Base Manager ('95 to '98), was promoted to manage daily operations and administration of Flight Attendant base comprised of 1,700 Flight Attendants, 14 Supervisors, and 4 support staff with 178 daily departures. Provided contract interpretation and enforced company policies to ensure department continuity. Developed and administered a $400,000 budget.

  • A key achievement, as management team member, was introduction of quarterly meeting with department leaders to ensure situational awareness across departments and develop programs that positively impacted staff morale and customer satisfaction.

As Inflight Supervisor ('92  to '95), was promoted to provide direct support to Base Managers in the execution of disciplinary, scheduling, personal, and contractual issues for 850 Flight Attendants. Primary point-of-contact between Flight Attendants and Scheduling, Flight Operations, and Inflight Services departments.

  • A key achievement was aiding in the opening of two new base locations in Chicago and Oakland. Established operational and administrative systems and trained new supervisors and support personnel.
  • Essential member of SWA Transitional Team during Morris merger project; assessed acquisition's impact and determined appropriate steps for cultural integration. Communicated contractual requirements, company policies/ procedures, and career opportunities to Morris Flight Attendants to ensure a successful transitional process.

Early career progression encompassed multi faceted positions as Flight Attendant ('92), Base Secretary ('90 to '92), Administrative Coordinator ('88 to '90), and Teller/ Loan Officer ('87 to '88).


Myers Briggs, Recognizing Personalities | Franklin Covey, Time Management | Change Management, How to Adapt to Change | Leading from the Heart, Understanding our Employees | Frontline Leadership, Speaking to our Customers | Dysfunction Junction, Bringing Teams Together | Critical Incidents, Defusing and Debriefing | Media Training, Do's and Don'ts | NTSB, Accident Investigation Techniques | Sexual Harassment Training, Interviewing & Discrimination | Department of Transportation Guidelines, Drug & Alcohol Training


Company Culture Committee | Weather Disruption Committee | Emergency Deployment Team | Critical Incident Stress Management | Consistency Committee | Emergency Notification Committee | Provisionary Flight Service Committee | FLMA Committee | Interview Team | Safety Committee | Challenge Air Winds of LUV | Ronald McDonald House Charity


Employee of the Quarter, 2004

Hot Lips Award, 2000 – "In recognition for her creativity with words and expression in communicating the Hot-line Message."

President's Award, 1994 – "For her sensitive, supportive, and loyal efforts toward her internal and external customers and her willingness to lend a helping hand to all those in need."