TESOL Instructor Resume

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Permanent Address: 123 Elm Street, Miami, FL 33183
Mobile Phone: 1-305-555-5555, Email: [email protected]



Creative professional with passion to teach the English language and better prepare students for success in the global workplace. Proven ability to inspire students and convey educational  concepts through innovative approaches and instruction. Reputation as a team player; demonstrated interpersonal skills and profound respect for foreign cultures and customs. Active listener, seeking first to understand, then to be understood. Able to work well under pressure with strong concentration and focus.



Subjects: Methodologies/ Approaches for Teaching Languages; Classroom Management; Structure of English; Issues in Presenting Language; Integrating the Four Language Skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing; Issues in Teaching the Four Language Skills; Planning Lessons; Teaching Vocabulary; Practical Language Activities; Testing in the Classroom

Bachelor of Science in Education, XYZ STATE UNIVERSITY, Miami, FL | 20xx

  • Selected as finalist for the Bembalker Scholarship for Ethics | 20xx
  • Cum Laude, Dean's List (GPA 3.5/4.0)

Business Technology Certificate Diploma, XYZ COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, Miami | FL - 20xx


ABC SCHOOL, Niigata, Japan, 20xx to Present
Designed one of school's most popular classes, English Presentation, to let students use English in their own way by discussing and studying things that interested them. Class has been highly praised by both students and teachers.

  • Unit 1: Students instructed to compile a list of items they would like to research, study, and present in English to the class. Students then write a paper, present the information to the class as a lesson and develop five questions pertaining to the information while the class, as a group, composes five more. Final list of questions become the test for the presentation.

  • Unit 2:  Students assigned to watch a movie about high school life and write presentations/ lead discussions about which character they liked and why. Discussions are held about trials, tribulations, and lessons to be learned from the movie to demonstrate how issues are present in Japanese schools as well.

  • Unit 3: Students are given just a few minutes to read a short story in English before they reiterate the story to the class. The students listening to the story being read are then asked questions to demonstrate  comprehension. Students are also assigned classic fables and  discuss the moral of the story.

  • Unit 4:  Students are taught how to use the Internet in English and get to communicate with American students. Partnered with a colleague in the United States to establish a website that allowed Japanese and English students to effectively communicate.

BCD SCHOOL, Tokyo, Japan, 20xx to 20xx
Led the Foreign Teachers Division, supervising three  teachers. Served as liaison to English Teachers from both  America and Japan. Work diligently to keep classes current with  the needs of today's students. Directed special projects. Developed new textbook for first-year students.


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), Internet Explorer, WordPerfect,
Paint and various photograph programs.