Why Have Your Resume Professionally Written?

by John Sylo

Professional Writer

Many people don't want to use the services of a professional resume writer because it is expensive. True, resume writers normally charge between $100 to $400 for a resume, depending on a person's level of experience, which translates into how complex the assignment will be. Top notch resume writers even charge in the thousands, but those writers work mainly with executives who can afford it.

Whether or not to have someone write your resume for you is a personal decision. However, based on experience, very few people who have had their resumes professionally written have regretted their decision. Why? Because after they saw how big of a difference their revamped resume was compared to their original one, they realized they made the right decision. Also, throughout the resume writing process, they gained an appreciation for the work that resume writers do.

New Graduates

If you are a new graduate, chances are that you have access to counselors at your career center that can help you improve your resume. That being the case, if you want to save money, you can go to them. They will look at a draft of your resume and give you some pointers. They will not draft your resume for you however. Only a professional resume writer will do that... or maybe a good friend! The good thing is that it will not cost too much to have your resume written by a professional because you are still junior.

A professionally written resume is an investment. Pure and simple. If you divide that investment by the number of job applications you send out, you will realize that it is worth the money. Would you rather send out 50 applications before realizing that your resume is deficient?

Professionals and Managers

Whether you are:

  • unemployed and looking for a job,
  • employed but hate your job,
  • employed but looking for a better job,
  • person looking to return to the workforce after a period of absence, or
  • employed but looking to change career,

... you all need the same thing. You need to make a good first impression in order to secure a job interview. That's all it comes down to at the end of the day. You need a job and you won't get it until you meet with the recruiter. By the time you see a job posting or become aware of an opening that interests you, others will also have become aware of the same opportunity. This is an inherent part of the competitive job search process. Employers have a need - they need the most qualified candidates working for them - and you come to them with an offer - you are the best person for the job. Indeed, there is no reward for second place finishers. Being qualified and being able to convey your qualifications are two separate things.


You should be able to afford to have your resume professionally written. At your level of competition, there is definitely no room for mistakes. You will be competing with the best and you need to be better than them. Not hiring a professional resume writer at your level is an inexcusable mistake.

Spending some money to earn a good income is worth it. Think in terms of proportions. For instance, is it worth spending $200 for a $100,000/year job? Yes. Some people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to look good at job interviews, yet they are not willing to spend money on a resume... Agreed, a resume is only a piece of paper... but that piece of paper holds the key to the job interview and to your future.

A professionally written resume goes beyond securing job interviews. Once you are hired, it can also have a direct impact on your salary negotiation. That's right. You will recoup the cost of your investment... in addition to saving you time, frustration and missed opportunities.

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